Condividiamo con voi i messaggi di solidarietà giunti da produttori del commercio equo e solidale.

K.S.Prakash, Godavari, India
Hope you are all safe and well.

Denis Laporta, Fepp-Camari (gruppo fagioli, CTGVM), Ecuador
Conmovido por la emergencia que vive el norte de Italia, te mando un abrazo a la distancia, esperando que tu y los tuyos se encuentren bien

Rubén Tufiño, Copropap, Ecuador
espero de todo corazón que se encuentre bien austed , su familia y la familia Altromercato, quiero expresar y compartir el dolor que están sufriendo las poblaciones más afectadas por lo que está ocurriendo en el mundo entero
Confío en que Dios no permitirá que continue ésta catástrofe y poco a poco podamos volver a la normalidad de nuestras vidas.
Un saludo y un fuerte abrazo a la distancia a nombre de todos los productores de COPROPAP.

Juan Eduardo Henríquez (detto el Chino), Apicoop, Cile
Queremos que sepan que los tenemos todos los días en nuestros pensamientos y desde esta tambien infectada tierra, los enviamos energía y fortaleza para sobrellevar esta pandemia.
Un fuerte abrazo para todos desde Valdivia
Irish Diane C. Morcelos, CCAP, Filippine
I hope you are all safe and doing well!
On behalf of our organization, I pray for the fast recovery of the world from all of the calamities and diseases we are experiencing right now.
Please keep yourself safe and secure and let us always start our day with a bigger smile and hope!

Mithu Dam, MKS, India
We know this is a different time for everyone out there and we pray that you and all your loved ones remain safe during these tough times. We know that there will be an effect on business because of this, but we hope to come over by supporting each other.
We are praying for you. Stay safe!

Anne e Tyrell Fernando, Podie, Sri Lanka
Hope all you are ok, may god bless you and keep you

Gregorio Alberto Diaz, La Semilla de Dios, El Salvador
Gracias y los Alegra que todo el Staff de Altromercato este bien y los unimos en los cantos y oraciones de esperanza para que Salgan adelante de esta situacion.
un Abrazo muy solidario para todos

Leo D’souza, Asha Handicraft, India
Trust you and the team at Ctm are all well ! Please write to us on the situation so that we are aware about the ground reality.
Keep Safe.

Gautam Mohan, TPI-Potong, India
Oggetto: Our thoughts are with Italy
Just wanted to pass our prayers to you and your loved ones. Please stay

Mohammed Hmidat, Parc-Al Reef, Palestina
Dear Italian Friends
We in Al Reef, PARC and all Palestine STAND WITH ITALY against Corona Virus
Best Wishes

Saleem Abu Ghazaleh, PARC, Palestina
Greetings to all our colleagues at CTM, volunteers, friends and consumers. We express our solidarity with Italian people due to the increase of Corona virus infections and due to what we watched yesterday on the media about the departure of Milano inhabitants show how big the problem is. We wish you and your families and our friends Italian people a good health.

Ruth Salditos, Pftc, Filippine
Dear Friends and Partners in Fair Trade in Italy:
This is indeed the time we express our concern with each other not only with our families but to those who are in need. Our hearts reaching out for you at this time.
We will be in touch and share and exchange information how to combat this big challenge. For me it is not the virus per se but how the people especially the vulnerable sector cope up with situation when these development resulted to lost of jobs, poor government support, etc. We will act on it… like you. In Solidarity,

Waruna Wasala, Selyn, Sri Lanka
Stay Safe! – Love from Selyn Sri Lanka
Dear Friends and Partners,
We always keep you and your families in our prayers.
I hope you can bounce back soon!
I hope for better days for all of us!

Tomy Mathew, Elements, India

Thinking of all of you and hope things return back to normalcy at the earliest.

AOWA – Palestina (da parte del loro diettivo)
Dear friends
As we are all in this world living in emergency in confronting the spreading of pandemic Corona virus (Convid-19), we are in the Association of Women’s Action (AOWA) represented by its Board, members and women groups in all Palestinian governorates would like to express our deep feeling, as we are following the daily news and seeing the aggravation of situation globally and specially to the dearest county to the Palestinian’s hearts “Italy” which its positions always were in supporting the Palestinian people. Also, as an active women in the Association feeling the pain of losing beloved persons within families and friends, but we all believed that great Italian people will be able to overcome obstacles and well-recovered from this crisis.
May their soul rest in peace for the people you have lost because of this virus, and we wish your people health, safeness and strength.
We love you and we shall together confront the obstacles.

Maria Teresa Tejada Becerra, Minkay, Peru
Dear Altromercato Friends,
Because of this pandemic in the world we remember you and want to know how you are? In Peru the president took radical measures and nobody can leave his house, we are well, the craftsmen are also well, although we are all affected by this economic situation because the country is stopped. We hope you will be well we wish you wholeheartedly that you can cope with this situation and that everything will normalize for the good of all,
Kind regards from all Minkay